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Using the CSF logo

Advisors may use the CSF logo on their business card or in their representations, but only if the logo is used with the note “Member of the CSF” and if they meet the following conditions.

Terms and conditions

  • The CSF logo may not under any circumstances be used or placed in a way that suggests that the CSF recommends or approves the products or services offered by an advisor.
  • The logo must always appear in its original, complete format.
  • The logo cannot be modified in any way, including its shape, colours, dimensions, or surrounding text.
  • The logo may not be used in a watermark.
  • A buffer area (blank space) must always be included around the logo and text to ensure their integrity and legibility, and so the logo is clearly distinguishable.
  • The CSF logo must be placed separately from other commercial images (such as the firm or dealer logo, the logo of an insurer or the advisor’s company, etc.) and avoid any confusion.

To obtain a logo with the note “Member of the CSF,” the advisor must e-mail the CSF at