Article October 12, 2021

End of continuing education period: The CSF supports you!

As you already know, the current 2-year continuing education reference period will end at midnight on November 30, 2021. To help you ensure you have everything you need before this deadline, the CSF decided to share some key information with you.

Verify your PDU record

To check the status of your PDU record, log in to your member account and verify that all the continuing education activities you completed since December 1, 2019 have been recorded. Note that continuing education activities offered by the CSF are automatically recorded on your member record.

Forgot your password?

You can now change your password by yourself here.

Enter all your certificates of attendance

Make sure that all your certificates of attendance for continuing education activities delivered by accredited providers are entered on your PDU record before the deadline. Don't hesitate to contact the providers to ask them to send you your certificate.

Did you receive an information notice?

If your PDU record is still not complete, the CSF will send you a notice by email informing you of the situation no later than 30 days prior to the end of the reference period. Check your inbox regularly or search for the key words your record to find our reminder email. Don’t forget to check your junk/spam folder. If you already completed all your required continuing education activities for the end of the reference period, no notice will be sent to you.

Changing your email address

Verify that the email address on your record is correct. Log in to your member account, open your PDU record and click on the Email account tab.

Everything you need to know about your professional development

The CSF has put together a brand new guide that gives succinct answers to questions you might have about PDUs, continuing education reference periods, the mandatory course on compliance and more!

A simple way to register multiple advisors

Our multiple registration feature lets one member of your team register an unlimited number of advisors for 100% CSF continuing education activities. It’s simple, fast and efficient. With the end of the continuing education reference period approaching, it’s also a plus for your organization. Read the guide to multiple registrations here.