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Find the regulations, policies and all the information necessary for the recognition of continuing education activities.

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Policy on compulsory professional development activities

To ensure a training activity is in keeping with the principles and criteria set out in the Regulation of the Chambre de la sécurité financière respecting compulsory professional development, every provider must submit an application for recognition to the Department of professional development and quality of practices. To do so, they must fill out the Application form for recognition of a professional development activity by a provider and the Training Plan, as stated in the Policy on compulsory professional development activities. The CSF and the Institut de planification financière (IPF) have an agreement regarding the use of the same form to apply for the recognition of a training activity.

The CSF generally processes an application for recognition of a training activity within a maximum of 15 business days following its receipt, provided the application contains the information set out below. The 15-day period does not apply to applications for recognition concerning conventions, university courses, PDUs for writing, teaching or designing courses, or training activities worth more than 10 PDUs.

The supplier must send the following by e-mail to the CSF or the IPF for each training activity for which an application for recognition is being submitted:

E-mail address of the CSF:
E-mail address of the IPF:

Information to be provided about the provider:

  • The provider’s name and contact information;
  • The type of organization;
  • The name and contact information of the contact person. This person is responsible for this application and receives the invoice as well as the confirmation, so it is the latter that we contact to answer any question concerning the application for recognition.

Information to be provided about the trainers:

A trainer is required for activities offered in a classroom, by webinar, videoconference and during events.

  • The name of each trainer who will be presenting the activity;
  • If the trainer is a representative, his certificate number;
  • The resume or biography of each trainer;
  • A brief description of each trainer’s experience and knowledge and how it qualifies him to present the training activity.

Summary information to be provided about the training activity:

  • The activity’s title;
  • The date requested for the beginning of the recognition of the activity;
  • The activity will be offered one-time or recurring;
  • Whether the activity is open to the public or is strictly in-house;
  • The activity’s level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate or advanced);
  • The type of training activity (course, distance training, seminar, workshop, presentation, etc.);
  • The target market (representatives in insurance of persons, representatives in group insurance of persons, mutual fund dealer representatives, scholarship plan dealer representatives);
  • The subjects listed under section 2.1.3 of the Policy on Compulsory Professional Development Activities that will be addressed.

Detailed information to be provided about the training activity:

  • The professional knowledge, competencies and skills mentioned in section 2.1.1 of the Policy on Compulsory Professional Development Activities that the training activity will develop as well as how the activity will enable said knowledge, competencies and skills to be developed;
  • The activity’s general objective as well as minimum two specific objectives. The objectives must specify the knowledge and competencies the participant should have acquired at the end of the activity. These objectives must be clearly stated and measurable. They are generally expressed by an action verb describing a measurable behaviour;
  • The activity training plan, detailing the topics and sub-topics addressed as well as the time allocated to each of the topic objectives;
  • For distance training or a pre-recorded webinar, the summative evaluation must be attached to this application;
  • The learning methods (presentation, workshop, practical exercises, case studies, group discussion, etc.);
  • A description of the pedagogical material that will be used during the activity (handouts, exercise books, PowerPoint presentation, etc.).

It is possible to submit training activities whose entire content pertains to products, provided the activities focus on the product and its characteristics and not on promoting and selling the product.

Although the Regulation of the Chambre de la sécurité financière respecting compulsory professional development does not mention any subjects in compliance, the following are examples of subjects that can be recognized in this category:

  • Notions of ethics, standards of conduct and professional ethics;
  • Code of ethics of the Chambre de la sécurité financière and Regulation respecting the rules of ethics in the securities sector;
  • Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee;
  • Role of the syndic and inquiry process;
  • Role of the Disciplinary Committee and disciplinary process;
  • Compliance notions and programs;
  • Statutory and regulatory obligations of firms, independent representatives and independent partnerships;
  • Statutory and regulatory obligations of representatives;
  • Laws and regulations concerning the practice of members, firms, independent representatives and independent partnerships.

Recognition of a training activity is valid for a period of one single day or of 24 months.

The person responsible for a recognized training activity must submit to the CSF an Application to modify an activity recognized by the CSF or to add or replace a trainer if they wish to modify any of the following parameters in one of their activities:

  • The activity’s description;
  • The activity’s duration;
  • The number of PDUs it gives;
  • The activity’s content (subjects addressed, objectives, etc.);
  • The evaluation method.

There are fees for an application to modify a training activity.

To add or replace a trainer, the person responsible for the recognized training activity will need to email their request at and attach a completed Application to modify an activity recognized by the CSF or to add or replace a trainer form. No fees are required for such a modification.

After analyzing the application, the CSF can maintain or cancel recognition of the training activity, or increase or decrease the number of PDUs attributed to the training activity.

The CSF may cancel recognition of a training activity or increase or decrease the number of PDUs attributed to the activity if it becomes known that the activity being provided differs from the activity that was recognized, or if the conditions set out in section 18 or 20 of the Regulation respecting compulsory professional development are not being met. Moreover, the CSF may cease recognizing the future training activities of a provider if it appears that the provider is not respecting the content recognized by the CSF.