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Join the conversation on the future of the profession: from the changes observed in recent years to the latest emerging issues, we want to hear from you. These meetings provide an opportunity to meet the CSF team and enhance your knowledge.

April 19

Laval (FULL)

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This will be an opportunity to discuss together the concerns of Quebecers regarding the economic situation and to contribute to the development of the CSF's continuing education offerings. In fact, the consultation will be followed by a brand new training program, specially designed to meet the needs of CSF members in contract mechanics and customer relations.

  8:00 am to 12:00 pm


  A breakfast will be served

  2 PDUs in compliance

Tournee regionale 2023

Master contract mechanics and strenghten your customer relationship

This interactive training immerses you in the world of contract mechanics while emphasizing the crucial importance of client relations. Through a series of questions, you will explore contract rules and your associated obligations, such as knowing your client and the duty to inform.

You will discover how the courts interpret notions of public policy and good faith by analyzing concrete examples from judgments, including examples from decisions of the CSF disciplinary committee.

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You will address sensitive topics, such as personal information protection and vulnerability, and learn to develop your customer sense in various contexts, including when your clients are in a couple or appear incapable of contracting.

Finally, this training offers you the opportunity to actively participate. Through interactive case studies, you will reinforce your understanding and develop your skills to navigate confidently in the complex field of contract mechanics while cultivating strong and lasting customer relationships.

With the participation of:

Ad. E., ICD.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Claude Baril syndique



geneviève beauvais


Head of Quality and Compliance

Sebastien Lanctot


Lawyer, Doctor of Law, and Full Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sherbrooke

Geneviève Fontaine


Director — Communications

daniel richard


Vice-President — Community Relations

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