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Election to the CSF Board of Directors: renewed terms for two directors

CSF 2024 elections

Montreal, May 29, 2024 – The Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) is pleased to announce the re-election of two directors by its members to its board of directors for a three-year term:

  • Mr. Jean-Sébastien Jutras, Pl. Fin. 
    Re-elected director – Insurance of persons
  • Mr. Jean-Philippe Vézina, Pl. Fin., M. Fisc., CIM 
    Re-elected director – Financial planning

"The board of directors of the CSF is delighted with the re-election of Mr. Jutras and Mr. Vézina. Their expertise in the financial services sector, as well as their experience in governance, will be valuable assets for this new term, which will cover the implementation of the CSF's new 2024-2026 strategic plan," said Mr. Gino-Sebastian Savard, Chairman of the Board.


Second round of voting for the mutual fund discipline

Members in the mutual fund brokerage discipline will be called to participate in a new vote, as the top two candidates tied. These two candidates will in run in the second round of voting, which will take place from June 3 to June 18, 2024. The candidates are:

  • Daniela Altgauzen – Desjardins Sécurité Financière Investissements
  • Charles Drolet – Investia Services Financiers

Members eligible for this second round of voting will soon receive the voting procedure by email.

The CSF is governed by a board of directors composed of 13 directors, including eight elected by its members and five independent directors appointed by the Quebec Minister of Finance. This model provides the competence, expertise, and independence required to fulfill its mission of public protection. By participating in the board, CSF members contribute to public protection and can directly influence decisions affecting their profession.


Other members of the Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Mario Albert 
    Independent Director appointed by the Minister of Finance
  • Mr. Guy Barbeau, MBA, CCP 
    Elected Director – Group Insurance of Persons
  • Mr. Richard Blain, MBA, IAS.A, Fellow CRHA 
    Independent Director appointed by the Minister of Finance
  • Ms. Nancy Chahwan 
    Independent Director appointed by the Minister of Finance
  • Mr. Sylvain De Champlain, A.V.A, Pl. Fin. 
    Elected Director – Mutual Fund Brokerage
  • Ms. Chantal Jobin, B.A.A., CPA, CGA 
    Elected Director – Scholarship Plan Brokerage
  • Mr. Eddie Leschiutta, FCPA, IAS.A 
    Independent Director appointed by the Minister of Finance
  • Ms. Suzie Prince, CRHA, CPA, MBA, ASC 
    Independent Director appointed by the Minister of Finance
  • Mr. Alain C. Roy, A.V.C., B.B.A. 
    Elected by the CSF General Assembly
  • Mr. Gino-Sebastian Savard, B.A., A.V.A. 
    Elected Director – Personal Insurance

During the elections for these three open positions, no fewer than 14 professionals ran for the positions. The number of candidates reflects the growing interest of members in promoting the CSF's mission of public protection.

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